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You can order your K9Spa in an array of colors that have a granite or speckled finish. This granite finish will hide most scratches, dirt, and hair so your K9Spa tubs always look their best. We recommend the granite finish for any commercial or high traffic use as the coloring has 2 extra layers for durability. If you are looking for an economical solution or home/grooming use, then the white tub will work just fine. White shows marks, and scratches but all our tubs can be buffed and polished like a car to bring them back to a glossy new look!

Colors will look different on different monitors and even printed out with different printers, for exact color match please request a color chip. Custom colors are available, just ask and we will get you a perfect match!


These are some wonderful dog wash shops that have shared their K9Spa images with us!


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